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The Benefits of Choosing a One Stop Shop: Chicago Property Management Company

Preston Letts - Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Today we are talking about the benefits of using a property management company that operates as a one stop shop. At Letts Property Management, we handle the management of rental and investment properties, and prospective owners often ask why they should work with a company like ours. The simple answer is that we can handle everything under one roof. Compared to a company that uses multiple outside resources, we’re able to save you time and provide more knowledge.

The Benefit of Time

Through the years, we have found that a company using a lot of outside resources increases the amount of time an owner has to be actively engaged. When you hand your rental over to a property manager, you don’t want to spend a lot time working with outside companies. There are a lot of different companies involved with your property, and you have to pay attention at all times. With a one stop shop, the owner can hand it over and we’ll take care of everything. Owners can still be fully engaged with what’s going on at their properties, and you’ll always be kept informed, but you don’t have to personally pass the ball to a number of different people. It’s all happening in the same place.

If you’re on vacation, there is no need to worry about talking to maintenance people or following up with contractors. Your property management company will handle it all on your behalf. So when you’re selecting a management company, you have to think about how much time you have to spend and invest in overseeing and handling those properties. Most of our clients are busy professionals with a lot going on. That’s why we want to keep all aspects of property management under one roof.

The Benefit of Knowledge

A property management company that handles everything also allows for more efficiency. There’s more knowledge about your property in one place because a whole group of specialists within the property management company are working on it. You’ll have maintenance professionals, The Benefits of Choosing a One Stop Shop Chicago Property Management Companyleasing professionals, management professionals, construction specialists and accounting experts all working on your property and consulting with one another. This results in a property that is run efficiently and earning the highest possible return.