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Notice to Vacate

Preparing the Property for Move-Out

When you are ready to move, if you have questions on how to prepare your residence, please call your LPM Property Manager, and discuss your concerns with them. We want your move to be a pleasant and successful one. The following are the steps to take for your move.


  • Have the property clean throughout the interior and the exterior.
  • This includes vinyl or tile floors, windows inside and out, window sills and door casings, mini-blinds, wiping out drawers and shelves, all appliances, sinks, toilets, bath tubs, showers, vanities, light fixtures, fireplaces, removal of cobwebs inside and out, etc.
  • Tenant caused dirt is not normal "wear and tear."
  • Pick up debris and animal feces on the exterior of the property and place them in the proper trash receptacles.

Carpet Cleaning

  • Carpet cleaning depends on time lived in the property for normal wear and tear, whether you have had pets, and also if the carpet cleaning exceeds normal wear and tear.
  • You will be charged 100% of the carpet cleaning costs at all times, if you have had pets and/or you have soiled carpets exceeding normal wear and tear.
  • Up to one year: carpets will require cleaning. Tenants incur charges if tenant does not have carpets professionally cleaned. One to two years in the property, you will be charged 100% of the cleaning of normal wear and tear.
  • After two years, there is no charge for normal wear and tear. However, there is a charge for carpet damage and stains.
  • Do NOT rent carpet-cleaning machines, use home cleaning machines, or employ chemical cleaning companies. Only professional truck-mounted steam cleaning from a reputable company is accepted.
  • Call LPM for a recommendation on a carpet cleaner who will give you reasonable rates on carpet cleaning.
  • If you hire another carpet cleaner, the carpet cleaner must guarantee their work to the satisfaction of LPM, and a receipt is required during the walk through inspection.
  • Tenants, please note: LPM will not reimburse for any carpet cleaning contracted by tenants.

Draperies/window coverings/windows

  • Do NOT wash draperies.
  • You are not expected to dry clean draperies unless:
  • You have caused excessive soil or allowed water damage from open windows. Draperies with water stains could require replacement. Discuss this with your Property Manager.
  • You have not been using the draperies provided and/or have not kept them in good condition
  • Wipe all mini blinds – do not use harsh chemicals on the blinds.
  • Clean all windows inside and out.


  • The following must be in working order to avoid charges when moving out:
    • Burned out light bulbs
    • Non-working smoke detector batteries
    • Missing doorstops
    • Furnace filters - change the filter just before you vacate the property, and make sure you use the correct size.

Pest control

  • If you have a pet, leave an adequate supply of insect/flea foggers. The minimum required is four (4) foggers. If you have three bedrooms, two baths, and 2-car garage home or larger, you must supply a minimum of six (6) foggers. There is a charge if you do not leave the foggers unopened in the property.
  • If you do not have a pet, you do not need to supply foggers unless you have not been exercising minimum insect control. If a property is found loaded with ants, spiders, cobwebs, etc., you can incur pest control charges. Therefore, follow the proceedings for using the foggers.
  • All foggers must be left unopened and given to agent during walk through inspection.
  • LPM will place and discharge them after the walk-through.
  • If you fail to leave the proper number of foggers, there will be a charge.

Landscape clean up

  • The outside area is to be neatly mowed, trimmed, pruned, fertilized, and watered for outside areas that apply in your rental contract.
  • Remove all trash and debris, placing in the proper receptacles.
  • Remove grease or oil drips; dispose of motor oil properly – it does not belong in the garbage receptacles.
  • Pick up any animal feces whether you have an animal or not.


  • If you have trash that exceeds the normal pickup, you are to arrange to have it hauled away at your expense.
  • Place all other trash within the appropriate trash receptacles for normal trash removal.
  • Do not overflow trash receptacles.


  • We request that you do not spackle, putty, or touch up paint unless you are certain the paint will match.
  • Charges can occur if unnecessary painting is required due to tenant painting.
  • Charges for painting depend on whether it exceeds normal wear and tear, and the length of time in the property.

Your security deposit refund

When you follow the move out procedures leave the property in good condition, it simplifies the task of refunding your security deposit. LPM remits security deposit transmittals within 45 days in accordance with the state landlord/tenant law. Remember, LPM wants your move out to be a pleasant and successful process.

Notice to Vacate Form