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3 Tips for Hiring Leasing Services in Chicago

Property Management Blog
The pandemic had an unprecedented and lasting effect on real estate in the United States, with rents soaring by 10.9% as vacancies plummeted by 6.6%.While this is good news for property investors, it presents a challenge for those... read more >>

Best Practices for Collecting Rent from Difficult Tenants

Property Management Blog
In the years following COVID-19's outbreak, renting has become more challenging for all parties involved. In 2022, the average rental rate increase was roughly 14%. Many renters struggle to afford these increases, just as seve... read more >>

How to Be a Good Landlord: 5 Helpful Tips

Property Management Blog
Can you believe that there are more than 11 million landlords in America?Becoming a landlord can be a fulfilling and lucrative job if you approach the position in a smart way. Maintaining a good relationship with your tenants is t... read more >>

A Landlord's Guide to Lease Renewals in 2023

Property Management Blog
Maybe it's because the average rent in the Windy City is $2,206 that you jumped into Chicago's thriving real estate market. And maybe you're fortunate to have quality tenants that consistently pay. But eventually,... read more >>

Redfin Uses Insights from HomeRiver Group

Property Management Blog
Check out the recent Redfin article that HomeRiver Group's RVP Alex Goldthwaite was quoted in:Rental housing laws are in place to protect both landlords and tenants throughout the rental relationship. Whether the apartment is ... read more >>

How to Become a Real Estate Investor in Chicago

Property Management Blog
The Windy City has almost "three million residents, making it America's third-most populated city." Home to over 30 Fortune 500 companies, Chicago's booming transportation and distribution sectors offer lucrative... read more >>

What Should Landlords Know About Security Deposits?

Property Management Blog
Every landlord has their own tenant horror story. Someone they rented a space out to didn't take good care of it and left it in terrible condition. However, not every tenant can afford the repairs. Wondering how to be a g... read more >>
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