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Best Ways to Utilize a Chicago Property Management Company in Chicago

Preston Letts - Monday, March 9, 2015
Property Management Blog

Hiring a property management company in Chicago to manage and maintain your investment properties is a surefire way to maximize your properties value. Well property management companies can offer a wide variety of services and offerings; here are the best ways to utilize a Chicago property management company in Chicago.

Leasing: Leasing is one of the toughest parts of investment property ownership. From handling all the maintenance to get the unit ready to advertising the unit and screening tenants, getting a unit filled is no easy task. On top of everything else going on to get the unit ready and shown to prospective tenants, no rent is coming in on the property. That is why a good property management company in Chicago will handle the leasing of your investment property. The best property management companies in can handle every aspect of the leasing process and help you select the best tenant for your unit. Property management companies can shorten the on-market time for your units and get rent coming in sooner rather than later. The price that most property management companies charge to get a unit filled is more than worth it.

Maintenance: One of the biggest day-to-day expenses of owning investment properties is the maintenance on the property. The best Chicago property management companies have a full maintenance staff in-house and can handle all of the maintenance needs on a property. This not only ensures quicker and more affordable maintenance services, but also allows maintenance techs to visually inspect the property while handling maintenance needs to watch for any damage or other issues on the property. This ultimately protects your property and keeps eyes on your unit so you don’t have to.

Tenants: Hiring a property manager puts a buffer between tenants and owners. This keeps tenant calls off of your plate and on to the plate of the property management company. Regardless of the issue, someone has to deal with whatever issue the tenant has and this can sometimes be overwhelming for an investment property owner. A good property management company can handle most tenant issues and only involve owners with those issues that need owner input.

To maximize your properties worth and to make your investment property ownership more stress-free, contact us today. Our experience property management staff can show you all the benefits of working with a professional property management company and how we can help make the most of your investment property.