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We screen our tenants’ credit score, perform a national criminal background screen, and verify proof of income, proof of employment, past rental history and more to greatly reduce the risk of an eviction, however, they can still occur. In the unfortunate circumstance of needing to evict a tenant – We provide the eviction services to manage the process from beginning to end.

Our Eviction Management services include:

  • Sign and serve in the property owner’s name all notices required to initiate and pursue the eviction process
  • Commence and prosecute actions to evict tenants
  • Recover possession of the property in the owner’s name
  • Recover rents and other amounts due

Our property managers diligently reach out to tenants regularly if payment has not been made by the 5th of the month. Any tenant that remains delinquent after the 5 day grace period our team will communicate with the owner directly to see what steps they would like to take against the delinquent account. This may include a legal 5 day notice that is served by a certified process server, payment arrangements, cash for keys offering or ultimately eviction if the tenant is still unable to pay their rent.

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Being part of HomeRiver Group® allows us to capitalize on our local knowledge while bringing you nationally recognized best practices and superior systems. All of your real estate, investment, and management needs are here under one roof. We can help you buy, sell, renovate, and manage. We'll identify new investment opportunities for you and take care of all the day to day details like placing tenants, screening applications, and managing inspections.